The Stylist

Hi, I'm  Lorna and it's  so nice to meet you and a BIG, I mean HUGE, thank you for visiting my website.  Doing hair,  and meeting new  people have been one of my passions for so long I cannot even begin to tell you!  After 30 plus years I'm still excited as I have ever been to be in this amazing dynamic  industry. I'm so happy to have the energy and the desire to be in such  a creative and ever changing industry and I love to share what I learn with all my guests.  I have been fortunate enough to have lived in cities such as New York and Atlanta and now I make my home in Lakewood, Colorado where I still practice my craft.


I opened up my studio because I wanted a place for people to Relax, Refocus and have a moment to Recharge from their busy lives and I'd like to help you achieve that  goal.   Take an hour or even a few to take care of yourself - after all, taking care of yourself allows you to take care the people who matter most in our lives. 


 It is my pleasure to help women be the best possible version of themselves and I do this by keeping up with the latest trends in hair and  hair products  and educating myself with the best in the business.  I attend at least four educational events a year.  It's a great way to travel which is another passion of mine. Travel is good for the soul and helps keep us  inspired. I think we should all travel more.  What do you think?






 I have several certifications in   Keratin Smoothing Systems  from Coppola to Brazilian Blowout and everything in between (living  on the East Coast = frizzy hair) and I am certified in Balayage with L'oreal Professionel, Pravana and Masters of Balayage. In my studio I  use Revlonissmo  Hair Color which is simply one of the best color lines available- number three in Europe and Olaplex.   Revlonissimo leaves the hair in superb condition with incredible shine and who doesn't want shiny, smooth manageable hair? Olaplex, in case you didn't know is, a bond building additive that maintains and repairs the integrity of the hair.


 You will find  Virtue Hair Care products at Fabulous Gorgeous Hair and Makeup  and if your are not already using this incredible hair care line I would ask "What are you waiting for?" The technology was "born" in a medical lab and is the only product with Alpha Keratin Ku - human hair keratin in it's whole form, not the hydrolyzed animal products found in all other hair care products.   I only  carry the FINEST products because WE deserve it.