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 Keratin Smoothing and Balayage Certified

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Phone or text : 404 964-6120                                   email: [email protected]

I can be found at:    Phenix Salon Suites Colorado Mills  14500 W Colfax Dr - 551A 80401

Neighborhood 5 next to OFF BROADWAY SHOES

I focus on providing  services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & will do everything I can  to meet your expectations. This is why any and all Keratin Smoothing should always be performed by a Certified Hairstylist with a Source Capture Ventilation System  to remove fumes. The reason is because many manufacturers of keratin are not always honest with the ingredients used to formulate their product.   Consequently there is a lot of misinformation about what exactly "formaldehyde free" means.  Unfortunately, not all hairstylists can make this investment in such costly equipment  but nevertheless continue to offer this amazing and life changing service without protecting the client, themselves and their  co-workers'  breathing environment. All smoothing services are performed in conjunction with the AEROVEX Clean Air System with your comfort and well being in mind.



I use Lorna, and she is absolutely fantastic!
She is always fun and does an absolute wonderful job with my hair! About a year ago, I did a Keratin smoother at a different salon and it was disastrous! I was a little skeptical to do the Keratin smoother again, but Lorna assured me that she would take care of me and SHE DID! It was a great experience, as Lorna really knows what she is doing and uses the best of products! My hair turned out beautiful! I walked out of the Pacesetters with strong, smooth hair and a cute new hair cut.

I receive many compliments on my hair and would recommend Lorna to anyone and everyone! I will definitely continue to use Lorna!

-Becky, Denver CO

Lorna Bermudez cut, highlighted and did a Keratin treatment on my long, blond, curly, previously unmanageable hair and I couldn't be happier!  My wild and crazy hair had to be in a pony tail because it was too big and poofy to wear down.  Lorna explained how the Keratin treatment works, how it naturally heals and smooths your hair without nasty chemicals, how you can choose how much straightening treatment to do and now my hair looks and feels like SILK, is straight and I wear it down every day!  I am so excited!  When she said the Keratin treatment was life-changing I didn't understand it but now I do!  Thank you, Lorna!  I'm hooked.

-K.S, Denver CO