Fabulous Gorgeous - 
Hairstyling by Lorna Bermudez 
       At Phenix Salon Suites
         404 964-6120

 Keratin Smoothing and Balayage Certified

                   (404) 964-6120

Lorna Bermudez

Email: bermudezlorna@gmail.com

Phone: 404 964 6120

Hours of Operation

Tue - Sat by appointment

I can be found at Phenix SAlon Suite @ Colorado Mills

145   W Colfax Dr Lakewood, Co 80401

14500 W Colfax Dr 551A, Lakewood Co 80401

Lorna Bermudez has been my stylist in Atlanta for 15 years or longer.  I was devastated when she left because she knew my hair better than I did!  Lorna is an extremely talented stylist and color specialist and I believe she read my mind because every time I decided to make a change to the color or the cut, she knew exactly what I wanted and nailed it every time.  She takes her profession seriously, and it shows in the results.  She also has a great sense of humor and always has some fun and interesting adventure to share!

-Beverly D, Atlanta GA

Lorna Bermudez took me for an emergency gray cover and haircut as I had an interview the very next day.  She did an amazing job, and made me feel special!  
My hair is curly and she cut it the right way to emphasize the curl around my face.  
She is my new best friend.  Love her....